About Us

About Us

Iran’s Freedom of Expression will soon launch after a five year halt.  This site was originally initiated in 1982 and was referred to as the Committee to Save  Ahmad Batebi

It was eventually renamed toIran’s Freedom of Expression as it has committed itself to protecting the rights of journalists, artists, and political prisoners.

Iran’s Freedom of Expression has pioneered a new venture:   a more diligent and intense fight toward unconditional freedom of expression in Iran.

Freedom of Expression (Azadi e Bayan) site objectives:

Primarily, Freedom of Expression site will experimentally focus on the following issues:

–          Reporting on the status of freedom of expression in Iran: news and analytical articles

–          Translation of information related to work in the field of freedom of expression

–          Providing information regarding journalism education and training, concentrating on the role it plays with democracy, human rights, and freedom of expression

–          Maintaining communication with freedom of expression activists and organizations in Iran and across the world

–          English translation of news and articles on the topic of arrests and repression in Iran

–          Becoming a valid and reliable center of news and information on issues related to freedom of expression and deliberation in Iran for  a short duration of time

–          During the experimental period, all activities on this site will be non-profit and financial support will not be obtained from any government agency

–          All official members have the right to participate in the decision making and criticizing of all categories of the site.  Site editor must make necessary preparations to oversee comments made by all permanent members of the site through weekly internet meetings.  Site editors activities will be monitored by an elected council and a center director

–          Freedom of Expression site, its members and agents, must strictly avoid bias toward any particular group or entity, as well as firmly steer clear of any and all political affiliations in order to maintain an impartial and neutral content and layout.

–          Meanwhile, Freedom of Expression site, will report and cover  all news and articles related to the field of its work, created by its writers and producers of different points of view

–          All agents involved with the Freedom of Expression site are committed and obligated to protect the security of journalists and associates of the site, especially those in Iran.   Main priority in all coverage must remain the safety of individuals.

–          Freedom of Expression sites commitment to media ethics must receive serious consideration and become a role model.

Freedom of Expression sites purpose and intention:

–          Unconditional defense of freedom of expression and democracy in Iran

–          Continuous news coverage

–          Research and review of profound issues related to freedom of expression, journalism and communication in Iran

–          Creating a network connecting activists and administrative officers to plan diverse positions

Freedom of Expression welcomes journalists, bloggers, and all individuals interested in freedom of expression in Iran.

Please contact us at:  iran.free.org@gmail.com

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