Marriage Versus Career: the dilemma for Iranian women today

Since 1979 the role of women in Iran has in the large, been reduced to homemaker and mother. For the past 30 yrs few women were able to pursue a carreer despite having university qualifications. Under Iranian law women are only able to work with their husbands permission

Iranian Woman today

For an Iranian woman, marrying the wrong man could mean she has to forfeit her career. In an article ‹Women graduates in Iran› published on the BBC News site in September 2006, Frances Harrison spoke about Sudabeh Shahkhudahee a nurse. Sudabeh said »I will not give up my job after I get married» …»I will choose a person as a husband who lets me work because I love my job». What happened to Sudabeh?

So where are women in Iran today? Are more women working through choice? How do men feel about working wives and mothers?

BY: Javaneh

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  1. Thanks for this post, I think it is really intersting to find how they cover Iranian women today, BTW you know Iran’s universities are full of women, in one of my courses I was the only guy with 19 girls!
    It said they are the largests female students population in the world and on the other hand they got nothing equaly in job market

  2. Equal opportunities in the job marked is something all women in the world struggle with. Though a major issue in countries where by law womens rights are less valued, such as Iran. there could only be one reason to why men would not want their counterparts to work; ‹what if she reaches a higher range in her career than what I do?» ‹ what if she then earns more than me?› ……there is absolutelly a long way to go for women in all parts of whe world!

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